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Totally grossed out

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Totally grossed out Empty Totally grossed out

Post by Rhiannon on Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:51 pm

Today, since it was in the 70's, I decided to go out with the baby and drive to the park and push him around in the stroller. It was one of t hose days, so nice, where you figured everything would be perfect, and nothing could or would go wrong, or happen that would ruin the mood. I was wrong.

After we left the park, I stopped at Target and inside the store ran across a teacher I had in high school that used to substitute there, his name was Mr Rager, and he is in his late 50
s I would guess. Anyway, he saw Skyler in the cart I was pushing, and came up and asked me how I was doing, and complimented me on my marriage to 'the quarterback' and how cute our baby was. I told him we were all well, and out of nowhere, he put his hand on my shoulder and said "you know Rhiannon, ever since you were a freshman in high school, I always had a thing for you, I used to watch you at tennis practice and softball, you made my day when I knew I would have you in the class I was going to sub in, had you not hooked up with Ryan, I probably would have asked you out when you were 17".

I was speechless, and he left his hand on my shoulder for a minute or so, then I took his hand off my shoulder and said "I have to go", and walked off letting him stand there and we checked out, I did not get everything I wanted to get there, but I had to get out of that store.

I am debating about calling my high school, my fear is that he may act on his impulses with another girl there. Not sure though, I will talk to Ryan about it when he gets home.

During the time I was in high school I was totally clueless Mr Rager had those thoughts about me, and the fact that this man put his hand on my shoulder today and touched my baby totally disgusts me.

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