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If you Intrested in becoming a Moderator or an Administrator


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If you Intrested in becoming a Moderator or an Administrator  Empty If you Intrested in becoming a Moderator or an Administrator

Post by Administrator on Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:24 am

Firstly Welcome to all users that would like to apply to become a Moderator or Administrator.

Firstly you need a mature common sense, Secondly you need to be aware and firm of the chatroom and people and lastly you need to be able to help a member in any issue thay have must know how to handle stuff.

If you intrested please continue by reading the page on the following link WHAT YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE APPLYING!

Make sure you read the corresponding Paragraphy before you go to fill in your APPLICATION FORM

Only For Moderators will require everything from above ONLY One more thing  read the rules .

This Applys to those willing to become Administrators ONLY!  admin power 

Administrators are also in charge of there room traffic if you don´t agree then don´t bother applying or sooner or later I´ll FIRE YOU´s simple as that!
I don´t want to hear any excuses. I have a life outside this chat, same as you all do. I don´t want to hear "but there´s no one in my room." "But I don´t have time now Kiv" <-- That is the worst I can hear over and over again. Remember that once you become Administrator It´s not only my site even thou I created it and I work on it. It´s your site too as you have going to agree with our terms and conditions. Once you Apply you are also representing it but you will be under my responsability. So don´t let me down.

Well this is the same as a job but, in online chatroom´s and forum. Staff don´t get payed this is free time hobbies. Let me tell you the thing is I´m easy to hire but then once hired and even trained I am Strict. A chatroom is not all about kick and bans. Let me make this Clear! Admin take care of all members and users and guests and the staff team in there own chatrooms or in the forums. Admins should welcome every new user or member into there forums. *Requires for you to go and check on NEW MEMBERS list and look who´s new and give them a warm welcome message. Example: "Welcome to Global Family, Feel free to to make an introduction of yourself or message me if you need help. And enjoy your time begin with us."

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