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Photo, yes I am back to work!!

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Photo, yes I am back to work!! Empty Photo, yes I am back to work!!

Post by Rhiannon on Fri May 01, 2015 3:16 pm

After 3 months off, I went back to work today, and my dad made sure I will have enough to do.
We have a funeral going on and he told me to run it, so I drive the hearse, handle the pallbearers, assist the family, the entire thing, he is just going to watch and drive the Suburban.
We just got to the Church where we unloaded the casket, and now waiting for the service to begin. This minister likes to talk, so I think I will wander down to the basement of the Church where they have the meal later and grab me some coffee.
Have a nice day everyone flower
Photo, yes I am back to work!! WAbEz4G    

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